eating-whole-cover-pageI had the absolute pleasure of working alongside the amazingly talented Keryn Sweeney on this nutrition guide, Eating Whole.

This petite A5 photography exhibition of my most favourite week’s worth of recipes really does showcase how fresh, whole, nutrient dense ingredients can create some of the most exquisite menu options, and equally beautiful shots.

We wanted to do it alone, we wanted to ensure there wasn’t a marketing or production team directing the shots, and we wanted to showcase what real food looks like.

I take my time to explain as much about each ingredient as I have the room for, so you not only get a recipe, you gain a clear understanding of why each ingredient is good for you and how they’ll heal, nourish and energise your body. This isn’t a large book with over 150 recipes but this is my food – real food, shot in a way you will adore.

Every recipe is dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free, and can easily be vegetarian and vegan.

To produce and complete this shoot, we had just one day in November last year, in which we both had a clear 18 hour window. There was nothing stress-free or balanced about this 18 hours – but it was enjoyable, rewarding and incredibly productive. Everything was shot on the floor of Keryn’s studio, with the help of an old charcoal sample tile from our bathroom renovations, and our extraordinarily heavy coffee table.

Kimberley McLean was in charge of design and she tirelessly worked beside me, well out of hours to produce this in-depth nutrition guide on what food really can do for you. Kimberley’s architectural eye achieved a beautifully aesthetic combination of design and recipe structure we know you’ll enjoy.

I truely believe that it isn’t simply enough to know what to eat, but to know why you’re eating it!

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