Nobody successful ever worked alone so I surround myself with some of the best in the business. These professional friends all live and breathe holistic health and I am proud to work alongside them to make sure each of my clients get the best care and advice.

I only work with those who have the required qualifications in their chosen field, and all work to continue their professional development. You can find their on websites by clicking on their names, and each one of them is worth the money you’ll spend. Quality and the best value for future proofing or treating your health.

If you require or wish to have a referral from me, then this can be arranged.


screen-shot-2016-12-20-at-5-34-00-pmKeely Watson – Holistic facialist and aromatology skincare practitioner

Working hands-on from the outside in, but with the knowledge and application of how important gut and emotional health is to your skin goals, Keely works holistically to ensure glowing results, body confidence and a dedicated moment for you. She’s confident yet calming and truely makes you take a break. She is often booked up for months which is testament to her skill and knowledge. She is my own facialist and I use only her handmade products in my skincare regime. Her practice is a phone free zone, so enjoy being entirely in the moment.




Ainslee Roughan – Chiropractor (West and North West Auckland)

Practicing everything she preaches and an absolutely passionate and knowledgable health practitioner, Ainslee is exceptional at treating complicated and stubborn issues. Anyone from infants to elderly can use chiropractic in their total health care and Ainslee works with a range of techniques that allow completely tailored approaches for each of her clients. Her complete understanding of the nervous system combined with her caring and conscious demeanour makes her one of the best in her field.




Rachel Wilson – Acupuncturist, Reg. Midwife, Reg. Nurse

Rachel has a wealth of knowledge many of us only hope to attain. Specialising in women’s health, she is a crucial part of fertility health and care and of menopause treatment, covering herbal medicine if and where required also. She has a wonderful balance of traditional Chinese medicine and science-based Western medicine which allows her to tailor her care to suit each of her patients. Friendly, understanding and dedicated to her career, she is an absolute must for all my fertility clients but especially so for pre and post-transfer during IVF.



Christie Houghton – Qualified PT, Body beyond Baby affiliate

Christie is a powerful yet encouraging trainer with specialised knowledge in functional movement, safe return to exercise for new mums, and exercise programming for women. Recently affiliated with Jen Dugard in Australia, Christie takes her education around safe exercise for women seriously and doesn’t simply bark orders, but works with you when it comes to your fitness. She runs group sessions in a variety of training options and even has a mum and bub group fitness class with her own nanny so you’re not far from your little one, and yet can take some time to focus on yourself. She’s also a qualified teacher and a superwoman in her own right. She really does create enthusiasm and support when you need it the most.



Harley Klinac – Chiropractor, Mentor (Central)

Harley practices exactly what he preaches and creates instant calm when you walk into his practice. As a father of two himself he has immense understanding and experience treating infants, children, and post-natal mums and is a welcome force when it comes to empowering adults to take charge of their own lives and health. He understands the external pressures many of us face and will create time for you to take a break and a breath to better understand your nervous system and help reduce stress, heal injuries, and make lifestyle changes.