7 simple ways to start making a difference

I have so many clients who really do want to help make less of an environmental footprint but going full steam into growing their own vegetables, eating only organic, and biking to work as cool as those changes would be, just isn’t possible. Replacing everything in their house is not only a daunting task, but for many just not sustainable right now. Here is how you can really make a difference in the food and beverage options you choose that will not only create positives for your health, but you’ll be making a conscious vote in the right direction for climate change initiatives and pollution reduction. In the wake of more earthquakes, and damage to my favourite city, I really hope we all start spending a bit more time trying to understand what our footprint does to this world.

1. Stop ordering your coffee in takeaway cups.

Even biodegradable cups are left in landfill or I find so many on the beaches in NZ and Aussie. For your health, it’s important you stop consuming caffeine while rushing around, and you sit down with your cup and drink it slowly. For the environment, let’s simply stop wasting money and polluting our earth because we are so used to rushing about. If you have to have yours to-go then use a glass Keep Cup, but say no to the takeaway cup.

2. Stop buying soda in plastic bottles.

I’m not saying you can’t enjoy your top shelf with a mixer this summer, but plastic bottles of coke and lemonade are completely unnecessary. They cannot be recycled more than once and are often not recycled at all. Invest in a soda stream machine (not the syrups) for your fizzy water, use companies like Antipodes Water in glass bottles, or buys glass bottle mixers, boxes and cans instead.

3. Buy yourself a glass water bottle for work and gym.

If I see one more woman in the gym with her pump bottle while working out next to a filtered water fountain I think I’ll cry. Those bottles not only leach BPA into the water you’re drinking, especially if you’re storing yours in your car all day, which leads to hormone disruption and estrogen issues (fertility, what fertility?!) but my man keeps bringing them in from the ocean when he’s out surfing because they’re killing our sea creatures. Did you know to make one water bottle, you use more water and oil than the amount of water that is even present in the bottle?

4. Reduce red meat and dairy consumption.

It’s okay men, I simply said reduce. You do not need red meat at every meal, and you can have a perfectly wonderful life, rich in calcium if you still reduce dairy. Cows are the largest producers of methane gas and our constant desire for beef and dairy products means we only enable even more cattle and dairy farming. This means even more methane. By reducing your consumption, or coming to see me if you want to remove both completely so I can walk you through where you’ll get your iron and calcium from, you are reducing the amount companies need to produce. I haven’t even started on the pollution in NZ waterways from dairy farms either.

5. Stop putting your fruit and veg into plastic bags at the supermarket.

You use a plastic bag to seperate all your fruits and vegetables at the supermarket. Why? There are convenience reasons why, but that is it. More unnecessary plastic, and yes the degradable plastic is also unnecessary. Your produce will be perfectly fine if they simply go straight in the trolley, and then straight into your reusable bags, and then straight into your fruit bowl or fridge. You can do it!

6. No more microbeads!

Okay this is where the soap box really comes out. Firstly, microbeads in your body or face wash says you’re using a product so full of chemical rubbish that you’re putting your health at risk. Can’t afford to change the brand? No worries, just change the product so our sea life don’t keep ingesting these horrendous plastic balls and we may be able to enjoy swimming in our oceans a bit longer, and reaping the benefits of living in a place where the fish are still edible.

7. No palm oil products

Places like Starbucks, Lindt, Burger King, Domino’s pizza, KFC, most processed cheap foods and Clinique skincare all use palm oil in their products. Palm oil is being grown where forests have been ripped out to make room for this cheap crop. No forests for wild life mean dead animals because of our junk food desire and vanity, but without trees, where do you think we are going to get oxygen from?

I am as much about human health and nutrition as I am about the environment. Simply because our environment keeps us alive and if we destroy this, where do you think our amazing plants and produce are going to come from? Trees are the reason we have oxygen to breathe, plant life is the reason we can be healthy and fertile, and our air and oceans are crucial for the sustainability of everything we eat, drink and live off.

If you got all the way down to here on this Monday morning rant, you’re amazing! Let’s all be better humans! Xx

Also watch Leo DiCaprio’s documentary – it’s an eye opening moment in time we might just have the ability to help change.