Lift while you climb!

I got asked to be involved in a small but important chance to give back to people who tirelessly put others first. This “good sort” giveaway was started by a hard working massage therapist (on her way to Osteopathy) as a small reminder that there are always people who prove there is selflessness in this often very selfish world.

This was designed as both a “treat” and a chance for a deserving individual to check in health-wise also. Often those who put others first, neglect their own health, so I’m pretty humbled to be working alongside some amazing people to give just a little back to someone else.

The rules are simple. Nominate someone you know who needs a moment to be taken care of. Simply head here to fill in a short form about this person. One package will be given away each month for the next 6 months.

Each winner will receive the following: