A substantial majority of my clients are what could be considered fit, active, eating well, generally happy and healthy, but they’re missing their cycle.

Some have stopped bleeding without any hormonal contraception involved pre or post but many have come off the OCP to get pregnant. Many have had regular pill bleeds disguising any underlying problems and offering a false sense of security that everything is working well, noting that a pill-bleed without ovulation is not an indication of how well our cycle is working.

If your cycle has vanished for 2+ months or didn’t return by 3 months post contraception, we really need to investigate what is going on. A major hurdle can be working out if you have PCOS or HA/RED-s but if the former has been ruled out then we often need to look to whether or not the level of activity, the lean body weight/fat being maintained and the actual food intake is enough to sustain the energy required to run essential organ systems + training + cognition + digestion + reproduction.

Yesterday I attended a webinar on the importance of a healthy menstrual cycle for athletes and while I no longer work with this specific performance group, so many of my clients train in a way that must be viewed as high level. It was a refreshing start to my morning seeing reproductive health in training being prioritised by research and it’s coming in hot and heavy and I love it!

For now, if your period is MIA and you know it’s not PCOS or pregnancy then here are your 3 major questions to investigate and answer. You can work with me to look into your situation by emailing me via the contact page here. I’m taking new clients on now.