The benefit of having a hubby who is away more than he’s home lately, is that every now and again, I can jump on a plane and head to where he is. I booked a flight to San Fran and then onto Vancouver 3 days before I met him in this awesome city, and the last minute decision was a good one.

With only 3 nights, it was a challenge to enjoy what this sea, mountain and skyscraper city had to offer, while also taking a moment out to ourselves. We did it though, and drank all the coffee and did all the things. I even managed a Vinyasa Flow class at Y Yoga which was a real treat for tired feet and flight recovery. Stay for their herbal tea and quiet space after if you can, or book a float in at their other sites for a complete wind down.

I missed out on heading out of Vancouver but the National Parks, mountains, swinging bridges and some nature adventures are booked for the next trip.

Here is my quick fire guide on where to eat, what to do, and the best coffee in town. Thanks to my man for going there monthly and weeding out the average places, and to my friends who sent us to their fave locations from when they lived there.



My top picks for a quick trip

Revolver – Gastown. The best coffee in the city in my opinion and the dark, coffee central cafe without food was perfect. You can choose your pour over or espresso bean and sit there all day reading old mags and enjoying everything I love about coffee culture.

Meat and Bread – Gastown. Perfect carvery meats and in house handmade sauces and condiments. Grab a can of beer and enjoy an awesome local lunch that the line is worth waiting in.

Nelson the Seagull – Gastown. Home made sourdough on site and a beautiful location to chill and watch the world go by. Right by antique shops and an easy walk through the eclectic Gastown, it’s a great place for good food.

MacLeod’s Bookshop. Get lost in this super crazy, old, full literally to the ceiling bookstore. The owner knows every book he has on site and you could spend hours inhaling the dust here and getting some good bargains.

Timbertrain Coffee. Strong coffee just how I like it on holidays. Another awesome Vancouver local away from the Starbucks and tourists.

Stanley Park No trip to this city would be without a bike through Stanley Park. You could easily spend an entire day here, and I strongly suggest you do. Pack a bag, a picnic lunch, a good book and hire a bike.

Whole foods and health shops – Canada is famous for all the healthy yogi’s and their food and it did not disappoint. You can find decent smoothies and health bars all over the city, and of course no North America stop would be complete without filling the suitcase at Whole Foods. Hemp hearts are cheap, lots of organic produce to eat on site, but if you’re heading to LA then wait to fill up there where the exchange rate will do much better for your Whole Foods obsession.