Fertility, reproductive and infant nutrition. Anti-diet, inclusive care for all bodies.  



Welcome to my no-BS but gentle approach to health and nutrition for all bodies seeking reproductive or fertility health. I work with folks who may be seeking optimal hormone health with or without the goal of a baby. 

My approach to health is one that supports that you are the expert in your body, and your lived experience matters. I work outside the diet norm, where my focus is on how we include a range of foods in your life, what enjoyable movement will contribute to your goals and how do we best optimise your current routine to get the most out of it. If you’ve worked with a nutritionist in the past you are likely to find me quite different, where the focus is what we can add, not what we should remove.

I’m a fierce advocate for nourishing the body you have today while learning how to optimise your food intake for your specific goals, maintain a healthy relationship with mealtimes, and without restriction of your favourite foods. I have a keen interest in and experience with all reproductive nutrition needs for folks from preconception through to infant solids with a non-diet lens and a common-sense approach. 

Chantal Cuthers


If you are after preconception of menstrual cycle support, fertility support, pregnancy, postnatal and infant feeding then I’d love to work with you. My approach uses evidence based nutritional science combined with a holistic view of you as a person, to create a tailored plan with practical tools that will support your body today and the goals you have for it.

fertility nutrition

PCOS, Endo, HA, preconception, pregnancy, postnatal and fertility treatment support. 

hormone nutrition

Healthy menstrual cycles, anxiety and sleep support, PMS and mood support.



Supportive and safe nutrition support for infants, through starting solids and early toddler feeding.

I’m an NZ Registered Nutritionist using an approach that will balance my nutritional expertise with the fact that you know your body better than anyone else. I am a weight-inclusive practitioner meaning your treatment is based on your concerns, goals and health and not your weight.

I work with you to explain important nutrients, helpful ingredients, nutritional supplementation if required, and the biochemistry of both your food and your lifestyle to cut through contradictory and confusing information. 


Articles for updated information and recipes can be found here. 

Infertility in a larger body

Infertility in a larger body

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For new health and nutrition enquiries, including making an appointment to see me for the first time, simply fill the contact form below, adding as much detail as you wish and I’ll get back to you within 2-3 working days to arrange a consultation.

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